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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the project be complete?
The Elkton Road project is expected to be completed in the Fall 2022.

What is the project cost?
$25.2 million

Will work be done at night?
Yes, work will be done at night when temporary lane closures are needed to complete construction activities to minimize impacts to commuter traffic during daytime hours.

Why is Elkton Road reduced to one travel lane in each direction during construction?
Elkton Road will be reduced to a single travel lane during construction to increase the contractor’s production, reduce the number of construction phases, and complete the work several months ahead of the original project completion date. Turn lanes will be maintained at signalized intersections during construction.

Are closures and detours needed?
Yes, closures and lane restrictions are needed during nights and weekends. Detours will be provided when closures occur.  Notice will be provided on this website and DelDOT’s website in advance of closures and lane restrictions. Click here for more information about detours and closures.

Will U-turns be permitted on Elkton Road?
Existing u-turn movements will not be permitted during the current Phase 1 and later during Phase 2 construction at signalized intersections. U-turn movements will be permitted after construction is completed.

How will parents access Newark Charter Intermediate school if U-turns are not permitted at the Elkton Road and Interchange Boulevard intersection?
Parents should change their route to Newark Charter Intermediate school to access eastbound Elkton Road from Otts Chapel Road. It is encouraged to consider busing students to school. School buses will use the new Elementary/Intermediate School connector/bus loop to access the school from Elkton Road. However, parents are not permitted to utilize this movement.

Will pedestrian facilities be maintained during construction?
During Phase 1 construction, the sidewalk on the southbound side of Elkton Road will be maintained from the Louviers Credit Union entrance to northerly project limits and pedestrian access will be maintained to SR 4.
Beginning in Phase 2 construction, the new shared use path on the northbound side of Elkton Road will be opened from McIntire Drive to Otts Chapel Road and from Patriot Way to Gravenor Lane. Pedestrian access will be maintained to Christina Mill Drive, Millstone Drive, Suburban Drive and SR 4.
Beginning in Phase 3 construction, the new shared use path and sidewalk will be opened within the project limits.

Can I still use transit within the project limits?
Cecil Transit maintains transit stops on Elkton Road. Refer to Cecil Transit’s website ( for more information.  Two stops on southbound Elkton Road will be closed during Phase 2 construction. DART and the University of Delaware do not maintain transit stops on Elkton Road within the project limits.

What are the detour routes when there are closures?
Detour descriptions